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Picnic Basket Nosedive: A likely story EP

I’ll be honest, this review is VERY biased, me being friends with Darren (the singer)

"The Same Old Fashioned New Year"

the first track starts off strong and fun.

This song was a single that was released a month before the EP.

It’s very catchy and easy to get into. Sick melodies, positive tone and has some easycore influence in it.

Honestly I was singing along since I’ve already been hearing it for a month.

It’s probably the best song on the EP.

This was the perfect song to start the EP with. 

"Apparently, I’m troubled”

This song gives a totally different vibe from the first one. It starts off very powerful has a darker tone. This song has almost a state champs/real friends vibe but with Scottish vocals. This song has a sadder tone to it but with very nice melodies going on. Tr00

“Stay Classy Jennifer”

A song that starts with vocals. Classic pop punk, you can never go wrong with that. The whole song in general sounds like more classic pop punk like Blink-182, Sum-41 early 2000’s Americanpie-core. Basically, super fun and catchy with lyrics that are easy to remember and relate to. I could see this being a music video on MTV in 2004. I dig it a lot

If you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me when I’m not quoting Marilyn Monroe (Ft. Ashley Cadwallader of Smalls)

This song is one of the catchiest songs on the EP. It sounds almost like Seaway mixed with I call fives.

Pop Punk on the poppier side. 

When Ashley starts singing I get chills, especially because of how it fits with Darren’s backing vocals in that part. 

The song as a whole is just generally “posi” sounding.

I love this song

(shout out to Ashley Cadwallader she da bae lol)

“Me, Myself & Irony”

When I first heard the opening riff I got so excited. very #Advanced intro. I felt like Four Year Strong was about to hit me with a sick song. Instead, Picnic Basket Nosedive hit me with a very sick song.

This song is personally my favorite. It’s all around pretty catchy and fun but also has a sick breakdown and it was the perfect song to end the EP on. 

I overall give the EP an 4.9/5

Shoutout to Darren for letting me jam to this before the release :D

you guys should definitely check out this EP and also check out Ashley Cadwallader’s band Smalls:

Glen reviewed our brand new EP A Likely Story which came out today. Grab it now at :D


We’re gonna break Tumblr. On the last day of tour this past summer, our buddies in Real Friends, Modern Baseball, Candy Hearts, State Champs and Stickup Kid all got together to record a great acoustic cover of Motion City Soundtrack’s “When You’re Around.” For Soundlapse. Watch the video, like, & Reblog. 

This is pretty damn awesome! A lot of bands we look up to covering one of our favourite songs :)

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